A Week's Worth

In its worst one-week performance since early last August, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.9 percent – even with trading shortened by the Presidents' Day holiday.

Despite their high fuel costs and the disdain of environmentalists, SUVs remain appealing to Americans who plan to buy a set of wheels this year. That's according to Cars.com, an online site that offers details and advice on vehicles to consumers. In a poll of 1,011 adults, it found would-be SUV buyers (at 21 percent) outpaced those buying all other models. Second, at 19 percent: small sedans.

A fat trust fund, your own car, the latest trendy clothes: If you're fortunate enough to be a child of privilege, you probably have all these and more. But results of a survey of rich kids by PNC Financial Services Group suggest they're more responsible than spoiled and more ambitious than complacent. Seventy-three percent of respondents said they feel a responsibility to manage the largess from their parents wisely, and 63 percent said they hold at least part-time jobs outside the home.

That computer on your desk at work means you probably spend at least five extra hours a week – and maybe as many as 20 more – on the job than you did five years ago. So says a new report by the Ipsos polling firm for printing and imaging service Lexmark. That's especially true for men, upper-income earners, and the self-employed, the report says.

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