Rolling in wealth: colleges that double as money machines

Despite the sticker shock associated with today's sky-high college expenses, many colleges and universities are able to offer tuition discounts to students because of their hefty – and growing – endowments. The National Association of College and University Business Officers announced recently that such endowments rose an estimated 10.7 percent last year. That wasn't as high as the S&P 500's 13.5 percent gain, but it was still significant, and some schools did quite a bit better. Universities with $1 billion or more in endowments that enjoyed the fastest growth (by percentage) last year, according to the association:

1. Tufts University 43.8%
2. University of Wisconsin 26.7%
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 24.7%
4. Northwestern University 22.0%
5. University of Pennsylvania 21.6%
6. Notre Dame 21.5%
7. Yale University 18.4%
8. University of Pittsburgh 17.8%
9. Duke University (tie) U. of Chicago 17.6%

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