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Russian Weapons Market: Correspondent Fred Weir regularly visits the annual Moscow airshow at the Ramenskoye Airfield. "The government is still relatively secretive. It's the only time you can look at Russian military hardware," he says. During the 1990s, the equipment on display for sale was drawn from the old stockpiles amassed during the cold war. But about three years ago, says Fred, they started displaying new equipment ( see story). "They aren't just repainting old Soviet aircraft. Now, they're dusting off designs from circa 1990 and updating them. There's talk of a MIG 39."

David Clark Scott
World editor

This week's look ahead

Monday, Feb. 12:
Doha, Qatar – Russian President Vladimir Putin visits, then flies to Amman, Jordan, for talks with King Abdullah II

Tuesday, Feb. 13:
Vienna – UN special envoy for Kosovo to hold talks with rival sides on new proposal for Serbian province's future.
Tokyo – Japan's government seeks easing of whaling moratorium by International Whaling Commission.

Wednesday, Feb. 14:
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Anglican Communion leaders meet to discuss liberal-conservative split over homosexuality.
Islamabad, Pakistan – Supreme Court hearing on missing people believed detained by Pakistani security agencies.

Thursday, Feb. 15:
Madrid – Trial begins for 29 suspects in 2004 Madrid train bombings.
Cannes, France – France-Africa summit.

Friday, Feb. 16:
Roseau, Dominica – Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez opens a new oil-storage facility financed by his government.

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