A treat for winter feet

Up until last week, this winter – at least here in the Northeast – could be considered anything but bitter. Regardless, the idea of fuzzy fleece inserts designed to fit into a pair of Wellington-style rain boots seemed genius. As it turns out, cozy wellies are as handy for stomping through chilly puddles as they are for trudging through snow.

The "welly warmer," meant to transform rubber rain boots into winter boots, is available online. For $45 (including shipping), The Hunter Rubber Company – Scottish manufacturer of the original rubber wellies – sells tall warmers ( www.wellie-boots.com/hunter-welly-warmers.htm) in nine colors, including aubergine, that fit full-length boots. For shorter versions there are "Wellywarmas" brand warmers ( www.wellywarmas.com/product.stm). I picked a bright fuschia set that contrasted nicely with my calf-high, hunter green pair, and cost $26.90 with shipping. Not only did they keep my feet warm, they also helped fill out the slightly big boots, which come only in full sizes. The one drawback: They slid out each time the boots were removed. But the solution was simple. Slip the warmers on first, like the outsized pink stockings they resemble. Grade: A

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