Mexico's high ideals

Every six years Mexico elects a new president. Every six years hopes run high and promises for reform abound. The recent election of President Felipe Calderón, however, was unique. The opposing candidate Andrés Manuel López Obredor claimed victory. Opponents in the Mexican Congress staged protests and physically attempted to prevent Mr. Calderón from taking the oath of office.

I watched the Mexican presidential inauguration live on television. Calderón appeared suddenly through a back door, avoiding opposition blockades. Flanked by outgoing President Vicente Fox and other party supporters, he put the presidential sash on himself, took the oath of office, and quickly exited the stage.

During his first 60 days in office, Calderón has begun to act on his objectives of addressing juvenile delinquency, cracking down on drug trafficking, encouraging microbusinesses, and supporting education. But in order to effect a permanent change, those who care about Mexico and its people need to act on their own high ideals, too.

Whatever one's hopes were for the presidential elections, it's important to see that the highest answer for social and political problems is divine. It's the divine shining through human consciousness that will support the greatest good. This divine, saving power is the Christ, and it impels higher motives and purer actions. The Christ is present today to overcome violence and corruption as it was 2,000 years ago.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified by selfishness and corruption. Three days later he resurrected. It was the Christ, the divine power of God, that lifted Jesus out of the tomb. This Christ power is present today to lift one out of social and economic distress. Christ overcame violence. Christ overcame human hate and self-interest. This same saving power is present today to lift men and women out of violence and fear.

The divine power reigns supreme on earth. Godliness transcends political parties and economic agendas. No human institution has a corner on the market of Christ. The Christ or "divine message from God to men" (Mary Baker Eddy, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," p. 332) is universal and embraces all humanity. Every individual can receive this practical message that the divine power governs on earth.

While I was watching the Mexican presidential broadcast, a Latina woman began telling me her family problems. On a small scale it was an unfortunate story of one group unjustly wanting to keep all the money. Others felt left out and powerless. Fortunately there was no physical violence, but my friend was suffering from the emotional bribery and manipulation she had encountered.

I told this woman that the Christ governed her family. I said: "These arguments are like the devil trying to distract you from the power of the Christ. Truth is more powerful than any person. The Christ, Truth, governs your family."

There was an immediate change. She stopped crying. She agreed that the Christ is supreme on earth. She instantly saw that Christ is more powerful than any human person. She felt the grace of Christ, and it changed her.

Several days later, she told me that her entire viewpoint and experience had changed. She was praying daily that the Christ was governing her family. She felt uplifted and safe. She was much happier.

Recognizing Christ as head over all (see Eph. 4:15) is a healing prayer for individuals and nations. It transforms motives and actions through a spiritual influence. As Mexico continues to strive toward its high ideals, we can support this effort by bringing the highest ideal of the Christ, Truth, into our lives.

I can do all things
through Christ
which strengtheneth me.

Philippians 4:13

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