Chile pepper for chilly weather in New Mexico

Where did you go?

I went to Santa Fe, N.M., with my husband and daughter on a 10-day extended family holiday.

Where did you stay?

We rented a two-bedroom condo ( within walking distance of Santa Fe's historic plaza.

What did you do?

At night, we walked by houses decorated with farolitos (paper bags lit by a candle placed inside). After a huge snowstorm, we made snow angels. We visited the sculpture garden at the Shidoni Gallery (, saw a Civil War ration biscuit at the Palace of the Governors Museum (, looked at models of traditional towns from all over the world, and played steel drums at the Museum of International Folk Art ( We also bought turquoise jewelry from native Americans in front of the Palace of the Governors.

Where did you eat?

New Mexico is a "chile" lover's nirvana, and we love tamales, enchiladas, posole – anything with red or green chile. We always make sure to eat at Tomasita's and The Shed. (For those rare meals when we don't want spicy food, we eat at the French Pastry Shop.) When you order New Mexican food, your waiter will ask, "red or green?" to find out which kind of chile you want. If you want both, just answer "Christmas."

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