Noteworthy: Yusuf Islam's 'An Other Cup'

Yusuf – An Other Cup (Atlantic): As Cat Stevens, he gently laid claim to a contemplative corner of an era's musical landscape. Then, in 1978, the folk-pop great settled into relative silence as a Muslim. As Yusuf Islam, he makes his broad-market reentry with a melodic CD that's as engagingly hopeful as ever and infused with a pronounced spirituality. Fans will recall his exploration of Buddhism – Yusuf's earnest offerings pick up where "Peace Train" left off. "Maybe There's a World" is the best of the new. "In the End" rather cheerily invokes Judgment Day. "Where True Love Goes" includes elements of his self-produced 1973 work "Foreigner Suite." In his version of the oft-covered 1964 song "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," the singer is "just a soul whose intentions are good." Never more true. Grade: B+

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