Natural wonders of the animal kingdom take bow on stamps

Although humans need sensitive sound equipment to pick up the low-pitched sounds of blue whales, these creatures of the deep are identified as the loudest animals in the "Wonders of America" postage stamp series. The forty different stamps pay tribute to superlative animals, plants, places, and structures. The blue whales sound off at 180 decibels underwater. They are among eight animals singled out by the US Postal Service as wonders, mostly for size and speed:

Largest land mammal: American bison (as much as 11 feet long and weighs as much as 2,200 lbs.)
Largest reptile: American alligator (most are 11 feet long, but largest on record stretched 19 feet)
Fastest land animal: pronghorn (top speed: 60 m.p.h.)
Largest freshwater fish: white sturgeon (typically reaches 12 feet long)
Fastest bird: peregrine falcon (reaches speeds of 200 m.p.h. or more)
Largest frog: American bullfrog (can reach more than six inches in length)
Loudest animal: blue whale (emits 180-decibel sounds)
Largest rodent: American beaver (as tall as three feet when standing)

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