Americans love their Ferris wheels and funnel cakes

For many Americans, visiting an amusement park is more than an outing, it's a vacation, especially at some of the larger theme parks. Walt Disney World in Florida, of course, is Exhibit A, with its 47 square miles of park acreage devoted to the globe's largest amusement destination. According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, 28 percent of Americans said they visited an amusement park in the last 12 months. The trade association, in a survey, also has learned that rides are the No. 1 reason Americans visit approximately 600 US amusement parks. The most popular types of rides and foods at these parks, by percentage, according to this survey:

Favorite ride

Roller coaster 46%

Bumper cars 13%

Log flume 10%

Ferris wheel 9%

Carousel 7%

Favorite food

Funnel cake 28%

Ice cream 17%

Pizza 14%

Hot dogs 13%

Cotton candy 12%

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