More than 900 California corrections officers earned at least $50,000 in overtime pay during the last fiscal year for working in the nation's largest prison system, according to the Los Angeles Times. A shortage of officers reportedly makes the overtime necessary in a system that incarcerates 174,000 prisoners but was built to hold 100,000.

Havana-born US Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) of Florida backed away from a previous denial and acknowledged that she had called for Fidel Castro's assassination. She'd earlier said that British filmmakers had spliced together an interview to alter her statement. Over the weekend, however, she said she'd stand by whatever she said in the "raw unedited version."

Air travel began returning to normal across the US over the weekend as many holiday travelers stuck in Denver finally got to their destinations. More than 3,000 incoming flights to Denver International were canceled or diverted during a 45-hour, snowstorm-related shutdown that had air traffic nationwide in knots.

Three small earthquakes that shook the San Francisco Bay area during the past week do not necessarily portend a much larger one, according to the National Earthquake Information Center. "It just means the area [along the Hayward Fault] is active – more active than it's been," said Jessica Sigala, a geophysicist with the center.

About 12,600 striking Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. employees will vote Thursday to ratify a new contract tentatively agreed to by their union late last week. The pact, worked out with the United Steelworkers Union, ends a strike that began Oct. 5 over healthcare benefits and keeps open a tire factory in Tyler, Texas, for another year.

In exchange for a 20-year period of state tax breaks, Ford Motor Co. will invest $1 billion in six Michigan plants during the next five to seven years, it said late last week.

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