You need it more than we do

In Constanta, Romania, police have been hunting for a couple of robbery suspects, even though the latter ended up leaving empty-handed and might even have thought they'd made it possible for their target to spend a bit more on Christmas than would have been possible beforehand. Confused? Well, here's what happened: a break-in at her small apartment earlier this month, followed by a demand for her money, jewelry, and any other valuables on hand. Filofteia Stefan, who is elderly and lives simply, tried to explain to the two masked men that she didn't have any valuables. But they ransacked the place anyway, which didn't take long, considering that her furniture consists only of a bed, a table, and a chair. All they found was her wallet, which held about 50 cents' worth of new leu, the national currency. Perhaps they took pity on her plight, or perhaps it was the spirit of the season – or a little of both – but they let themselves back out without taking anything. Not, however, until after they'd dug into their pockets and handed Filofteia all of their own change – almost $3. But if they expected gratitude in return, it seems they were mistaken. When the police responded to her call, the plucky retiree handed it over to them ... for a fingerprint analysis.

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