These colleges really rate – as good city neighbors, that is

In urban areas, civic-minded colleges and universities can be a tremendous asset. To recognize their contributions to the local economy, housing, culture, community services, and revitalization efforts, Evan Dobelle, president of the New England Board of Higher Education, has compiled a list of 25 "best neighbor" academic institutions. Among the criteria he uses in ranking them are faculty and student involvement in community service, real dollars invested in the surrounding area, and continued support of neighborhood initiatives. The top 10 "best neighbors," as rated by Dobelle, including the cities where they are located:

1. University of Southern California (Los Angeles)
2. U. of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
3. U. of Dayton (Dayton, Ohio)
4. Indiana U.-Purdue U., Indianapolis
5. Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, R.I.)
6. Case-Western Reserve (Cleveland)
7. Clark University (Worcester, Mass.)
8. Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
9. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
10. Emerson College (Boston)

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