I'd like mine over ice, please

While you were tucking into a plate piled high with turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and other assorted Thanksgiving staples last week – and afterward perhaps pushing away from the table feeling uncomfortably full – did you realize that you could have saved space by drinking your meal? Really, and all for only about $15. Just in time for the holiday, the Jones Soda Co. of Seattle marketed its annual pack of premium carbonated beverages, this year featuring an entirely new flavor: green pea. "We know we can't compete with Coke or Pepsi by playing their game," says Peter van Stolk, the founder and chief executive of the bottling company. But then, Coke and Pepsi aren't likely to introduce a complete menu to compete with Jones, which offered yeast roll, turkey and gravy, sweet potato, and antacid. (And for "dessert," a choice of cherry, blueberry, apple, key lime, or banana cream pie.) In previous years, the lineup also has included broccoli, green beans, herb stuffing, Brussels sprouts, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes with butter, salmon, and fish taco. "Why people buy it is beyond me; I can't drink ... this stuff," van Stolk admits. But buy it they do. The limited edition pack usually sells out quickly, with profits donated to Toys for Tots or to a medical charity.

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