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Chirac Again?: The assumption in France for months now has been that conservative Nicolas Sarkozy would square off against Ségolène Royal of the Socialist Party in France's 2007 presidential race. But President Jacques Chirac's wife hinted in an interview last week that her spouse may run again. "That's certainly created a bit of frisson – a buzz," says Paris correspondent Susan Sachs. A cartoon in "Le Parisien" showed Bernadette Chirac saying to her husband, "In the end I could run ...." Chirac responds: "Bernadette! Don't let all this go to your head!"

David Clark Scott
World editor

This Week's Look Ahead

Monday, Nov. 20

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – President Bush meets Vietnamese business leaders. Bush then travels to Indonesia.

Brussels – European Union fishery ministers discuss ways to head off collapse of fish populations in Mediterranean.

New Delhi – Chinese President Hu Jintao visits India.

Sarajevo – Mandate of the European peacekeeping force in Bosnia expires.

Thursday, Nov. 23

Islamabad, Pakistan – Chinese President Hu Jintao makes his first trip as national leader to Pakistan.

Friday, Nov. 24

Belfast, N. Ireland – The deadline for Northern Ireland's political parties to agree on an executive for the power-sharing Belfast assembly.

Saturday, Nov. 25

Bonn, Germany – The world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik begins playing computer program Deep Fritz.

Sunday, Nov. 26

Ecuador – Presidential runoff elections.

– The Associated Press, Reuters

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