Time for a new college Top 10: No, not football – computers

Indiana University may not have a reputation as one of the nation's premier schools of technology. Its strengths have been in such disciplines as business administration, languages, and music. But at least for now it can claim to have the fastest supercomputer of any institution of higher learning in the US (and the 23rd fastest in the world). That's according to computer experts who compile a TOP500 list twice a year. IU's "Big Red," as the IBM-built e1350 BladeCenter Cluster has been nicknamed, can execute trillions of tasks per second. Just ask the life scientists on campus, who use it to analyze massive amounts of research data. The universities with the fastest supercomputers and their manufacturers (in parentheses), according to the list:

1. Indiana University (IBM)
2. University of Southern California (Sun Microsystems)
3. Virginia Tech (self-built)
4. University of California, San Diego (IBM)
5. Georgia Tech (IBM)
6. California Institute of Technology (Dell)
7. University of Buffalo (Dell)
8. University of Texas (Dell)
9. University of North Carolina (Dell)
10. Brigham Young University (Dell) –

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