Can a slow circle be a thrill ride? Yes, on antique carousels

Even in today's Disney-fied theme- park world, there's something irresistible about an old-time carousel. You know – the kind with beautifully carved and painted wooden horses that "gallop" round and round to nostalgic organ music. Fewer than 170 antique carousels remain in the US and Canada, according to the Greater Binghamton (N.Y.) Convention & Visitors Bureau, which says its city boasts six of them. Binghamton, however, is far from the only place to find classic merry-go-rounds. The National Park Service, in fact, lists 10 among its register of historic landmarks, and none are in the Empire State. The landmark carousels and where each is located:

1. Broad Ripple Park (Children's Museum) Carousel, Indian-apolis
2. Crescent Park (Looff) Carousel, East Providence, R.I.
3. Flying Horse Carousel, Westerly, R.I.
4. Flying Horses Carousel, Martha's Vineyard, Mass.
5. Dentzel Carousel, Highland Park, Meridian, Miss.
6. Parker Carousel, Abilene, Kan.
7. Santa Cruz (Looff) Carousel, Santa Cruz, Calif.
8. Philadelphia Toboggan Co. Carousel No. 6, Burlington, Colo.
9. Santa Monica (Looff) Hippodrome. Santa Monica, Calif.
10. Dentzel Carousel, Spencer Park, Logansport, Ind.

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