World's billionaire club is busy adding to its membership list

The US remains the wealth capital of the world, with more billionaires – 371 – than the next 20 countries combined, according to the latest Forbes magazine rankings. Micro-soft founder Bill Gates is the individual leader, with a whopping $50 billion of net worth. (The average net worth of those on the list: $3.3 billion.) But while only sixth in the order among nations, India appears to be the fastest-growing source of the super-rich. Thanks to a booming stock market, it has added 10 billionaires since last year – the most of any country after the US. The countries with the most 10-digit earners, with the number each claims, from the Forbes report:

1. US: 371
2. Germany: 55
3. Russia: 33
4. Japan: 27
5. Britain: 24
6. India: 23
7. Canada: 22
8. Turkey: 21
9. Hong Kong: 17
10. Brazil: 16

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