A taste of success? For UCLA sports, it's more like a feast

The next time a sports team representing the University of California, Los Angeles, wins a national championship will mark a major milestone. In May, the water polo squad captured the school's 99th national title. With one more in any sport, it will become the first college or university of any size to win 100 under the auspices of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). While UCLA probably is best known for its past dominance in men's basketball (11 championships), the men's volleyball and tennis teams, with 19 and 16, respectively, have contributed more to reaching the century mark. The schools with the most NCAA titles:

1. UCLA 99

2. Stanford 92

3. University of Southern California 84

4 and 5. Abilene Christian and Kenyon College 50 (tie)

6. Oklahoma State University 48

7. University of Arkansas 43

8. Louisiana State University 40

9. University of Texas 39

10. The College of New Jersey 37


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