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From Bathurst, Australia, comes word that high school student Daniel Dibley didn't quite succeed in bringing his dream date to the senior prom. But that's not the same as saying she turned him down. In fact, they did have a date – it just didn't involve a tuxedo, formal gown, corsage, or dancing cheek to cheek. You see, with the big night looming, Daniel decided to aim high. So – no disrespect to the girls in his class – he wrote a letter inviting Jennifer Hawkins, and she accepted. Who's Jennifer Hawkins, you ask? Ah, you must not be a fan of beauty pageants. Representing Australia, she won the 2004 Miss Universe crown and has gone on to become a network television personality. Alas, their story ended up in the headlines, threatening to turn prom night at Bathurst High School into a media circus. So, rather than impose that on the other seniors, Jennifer reneged on her commitment. She did, however, put in an appearance later at the school's year-end assembly, apologizing to the students for the fuss, posing for pictures, and signing autographs . "I didn't want you guys to think I didn't want to come to Bathurst," she told them. And with that, she and Daniel split the scene and went off to a local restaurant for a private lunch.

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