Something else that's big in Texas – electricity from wind

When it comes to harnessing wind power, two states are in a league of their own, Texas and California, each with nearly triple the wind-energy production of any other state. And now, according to the American Wind Energy Association and the Associated Press, Texas has crept ahead of California as the nation's top producer, with 2,370 megawatts of capacity, or enough for 600,000 average-size homes. With an eye to becoming an industry hub, the Lone Star State has approved two plans to build offshore wind farms along the Gulf Coast.

The states with the most installed wind-power capacity, as measured in megawatts:

1. Texas 2,370

2. California 2,323

3. Iowa 836

4. Minnesota 756

5. Oklahoma 475

6. New Mexico 407

7. Washington 390

8. Oregon 337

9. Colorado 291

10. Wyoming 288

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