Taiwan's democracy has earned US support, not its neglect

Regarding Fei-Ling Wang's Sept. 19 Opinion piece, "Taiwan: catalyst for change in China": While Mr. Wang's call for democratic reforms in China is admirable neither he nor anyone else, has the right to tell the Taiwanese people to sacrifice their desire for independence. The Taiwanese people have already sacrificed too much for their hard-won democracy and freedom. We should embrace what they have created instead of quashing it to appease China's imperialistic appetite disguised by the facade of "peaceful rising."

Taiwan is already an independent nation, but lacks formal recognition because the world is too fearful of China. Our cowardice has helped fuel China's bellicosity against Taiwan. China's legitimate claim on Taiwan is questionable and indefensible against the Taiwanese right to self-determination.
Amy Lin
Programs director, Formosa Foundation
Los Angeles

US scientists in a race for the bottom

Regarding the Sept. 19 article, "As US nears milestone, a rising mix of immigrants": It is indeed remarkable what percentage of individuals in science-related professions are foreign born. I do not accept, however, the premise that these foreign-born individuals fill a need that American workers cannot. When American workers who are intelligent enough to enter these fields survey the job landscape, they see that salaries and quality of life in the sciences have dropped off a precipice. Rather than compete with a large, foreign labor force and struggle to provide for their families, they are much better served by pursuing law, marketing, or other disciplines insulated by language and cultural barriers from the influx of foreign labor. Adverse labor market forces spare no one, not even our elites.
Scott Pomerantz
Venice, Calif.

Sexism is the real culprit in HP scandal

Regarding the Sept. 14 article "HP board flap raises wider privacy issues": The recent shake-up over Hewlett-Packard Chairwoman Patricia Dunn's request to investigate private phone records of board members who allegedly leaked proprietary information to the press, reads more like a vendetta against a woman calling the shots at HP. This latest fiasco would seem legitimate were it not for the ouster of the previous CEO of HP, Carly Fiorina, in 2005. Unfortunately, the alleged leaker, board member, and former White House science adviser, George Keyworth, has succeeded in besmirching the image of Ms. Dunn, who may have been acting responsibly to protect the interests of HP. It makes one wonder whether Dunn's forced resignation will have further implications for honest investigations that may very well be justified.
Jethro Singer
Santa Monica, Calif.

Make Blair a US citizen and run him off!

I read John Hughes's Sept. 13 Opinion column, "Proper appreciation for the Anglo-American alliance" on the potential for granting honorary US citizenship to British Prime Minister Tony Blair for his unswerving support of President Bush and his stance on Iraq. If granted, perhaps you can find him and his family suitable long-term accommodation in Wyoming, Montana, or even farther west, where he can idle the rest of his days quite harmlessly, and out of the way of the British nation. Between the two of them – Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush – the "free" world seems a lot less free than before their ill-judged venture into Iraq in retaliation for the Sept. 11 attacks.
Duncan Tribute

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