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Watch Those Land Mines: Correspondent Nicholas Blanford ventured into southern Lebanon as part of his reporting for today's story about Hizbullah shifting military tactics. "Reaching the Labboune bunker was a little nerve wracking as it lies in an old Israel minefield planted years ago. I carefully walked along a track left in the soft earth by an Israeli armored bulldozer a week earlier," he says.

Nick also visited another Hizbullah firing position in a remote valley about two miles away. "I saw several unexploded Israeli cluster bomblets, a common sight in south Lebanon now. There was evidence that Hizbullah had been active in the valley too: a pile of empty Katyusha rocket containers and specially built rocket firing platforms.

This Week's Look Ahead

Monday, Sept. 25:

Nairobi, Kenya – White farmer Thomas Chomondeley goes on trial charged with murder.

New York – Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf releases his new book "In the Line of Fire" and speaks at Council on Foreign Relations.

Tuesday, Sept. 26:

Tokyo – Special parliament session expected to elect new prime minister.

Manchester, England – Prime Minister Tony Blair speaks at annual Labour Party meeting.

Wednesday, Sept. 27:

Geneva – World Trade Organization holds public hearing on the beef hormone dispute between European Union and US and Canada.

Thursday, Sept. 28:

Lusaka, Zambia – Presidential election.

Islamabad, Pakistan – SACH human rights group hosts conference on forced marriages in Pakistan.

Sunday, Oct. 1:

Brasilia, Brazil – Presidential election.

– David Clark Scott
World editor

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