For the upwardly mobile: the globe's loftiest summits

So many mountaineers try to reach the summit of Alaska's Mount McKinley, the tallest peak in North America, that the National Park Service has decided that, beginning in 2007, it will cap the number of climbers at 1,500 per year for safety and environmental reasons. The highest peaks on seven continents, a goal for many of the world's mountaineering enthusiasts, with their height in feet.

Everest: 29,035 (Asia: Nepal-Tibet)

Aconcagua: 22,834 (South America: Argentina)

Denali (McKinley): 20,320 (North America: US/Alaska)

Kilamanjaro: 19,340 (Africa: Tanzania)

Elbrus: 18,510 (Europe: Russia)

Vinson Massif: 16,864 (Antarctica)

Carstensz Pyramid: 16,023 (Oceania: Indonesia)

Source: The 7 Summits

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