Into it: Todd English

Renowned chef Todd English, what are you ...

... Reading?

I'm reading Gael Greene's book Insatiable. It's about her career in New York as a food critic for New York Magazine. It's an insider's book on what being a restaurant critic is all about. I like Fiasco, about Thomas E. Ricks. I've just started reading it. He's a journalist, and it's about his take about what's going on [in Iraq]. He gives some real-life stories about what's happening.

... Watching?

I'm a big Entourage fan. I think the whole premise of these guys, the way they trounce around L.A. trying to make it, is great. The dialogue is great, Ari [played by Emmy-winner Jeremy Piven] is great. There's a movie called Vatel. It's about Louis XIV's chef. It's pretty interesting if you're a culinary fan. It's about the way he created so many amazing things – the invention of crème brûlée. An all-around interesting guy. Big Night is a great movie. It's a good rental.

... Listening to?

Everything from Frank Sinatra to System of a Down to Jack Johnson. I'm not really a total headbanger, but I think [System of a Down] are pretty brilliant guys. I know a couple of the members of the band, so I'm listening to some of their stuff right now, usually at the gym. I like some of the stuff from the Brand New Heavies. I listen to The Beatles. [When I'm cooking] I'll listen to some jazz – John Coltrane, things like that.

Todd English owns 17 restaurants around the country, including 'Olives' in Boston, New York, and Seattle. His newest, Riche by Todd English, opens in New Orleans on Sept. 18.

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