Raiders go to the air – in planes – more than NFL rivals

The Oakland Raiders might not win this season's Super Bowl, but they're already slated to lead the National Football League in one unofficial department: air miles traveled (30,702) spent getting to both preseason and regular-season away games. That's nearly double the mileage the defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers, who opened their season last night at home against Miami, will rack up. Teams in the East, where more of the NFL's 32 teams reside, can generally anticipate less in-the-air time than those in the West, where there are fewer teams and greater distances between them. The teams that will fly the most and least miles this year:

Most miles

1. Oakland Raiders 30,702

2. Seattle Seahawks 30,298

3. San Francisco 49ers 25,752

4. San Diego Chargers 25,344

5. Arizona Cardinals 24,108

Least miles

1. Carolina Panthers 8,966

2. Cincinnati Bengals 9,240

3. Atlanta Falcons 9,550

4. Buffalo Bills 10,574

5. Jacksonville Jaguars 12,390

NFL Enterprises

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