I'll take a navy blue one

Where are the headquarters of Nokia, the cellphone company? Answer: Finland. So what better place to hold the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships? Yep, in case you missed it, the seventh annual edition of the contest took place last Saturday in the town of Savonlinna. It attracted 100 entrants from as far away as Canada. Organizer Christine Lund describes it as a good source of light exercise (as opposed to, say, the World Wife-Carrying Competition, which the Finns also pioneered). What's more, it's environmentally friendly. That's because "there are a lot of [cellphones] on the secondhand market, and we're recycling them" before they become toxic waste. Each competitor has a favorite brand and model, depending on size, color, weight, and "how it fits in the hand," Lund told journalists. Ah, but it wasn't an old cellphone that the men's winner practiced with, although – as a Finn himself – he presumably knows all about Nokias. Instead, he prepared by hurling a javelin. The women's champion, however, admitted she'd flung a phone several times – and not to warm up for the contest, either. His toss went 292 feet; hers 167, a record.

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