What else did you see, sir?

The owner of a store that sells equipment and supplies for outdoors enthusiasts in Liverpool, England, owes a debt of gratitude to an alert fan of the Beatles that none of his cash or merchandise were stolen in the predawn hours one day last week. As the unidentified fan watched, would-be thieves crept up to Black's on Mathew Street about 4:30 a.m., propped a ladder against an outside wall, broke a window, and climbed inside. So he looked up the phone number of the police department, called, and reported what he saw, bringing cops to the scene in time to arrest three suspects. Good example of quick thinking on the part of a public-spirited citizen, right? Well, sort of. But the fact is, the witness isn't a citizen – at least, not of Britain. In fact, he wasn't even there at the time. The call came from ... Dallas, where it was still evening as our guy logged on to the Internet to watch streaming video in real time from this year's edition of an annual Beatles festival. Liverpool police have a closed-circuit TV system, but the webcam in question isn't part of it. It is mounted so that it points at the world-famous Cavern Club, where the Fab Four performed 292 times in the early 1960s.

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