Or, you could always hitchhike

It was bad enough, the 30 or so passengers agreed, when their train from England's West Midlands to Rugby was interrupted at Birmingham one recent Saturday night because of track maintenance, obliging them to continue their journey by bus. But after they'd all settled into the coach for the final 20-mile leg of the trip and a dispatcher climbed aboard to ask whether anyone knew the way – well, that was too much. No, really, the dispatcher added over the resulting laughter: "Your driver is Polish. He doesn't speak much English, and he doesn't know the route." Suddenly, the situation wasn't funny anymore, and indignation set in. "Embarrassing," one passenger said afterward. "What would a tourist have made of all this?" "Disgraceful," said another. "It was unbelievable," a third groused. Ultimately, a local woman volunteered to sit opposite the driver and provide directions. Happily, the bus arrived at Rugby station in time for everyone to make his or her connections. For her efforts, the volunteer was rewarded with a round of applause, which is more than the bus company got. A bit of investigation turned up the fact that the driver and bus were stand-bys because another coach hadn't turned up. Otherwise, no one from the company was available for comment. As for the driver: No word on whether he found his way back to Birmingham.

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