Into it: Joe Theismann

Joe Theismann, former NFL quarterback and new 'Monday Night Football' analyst, what are you ...

... Watching?

I'm a big CSI fan – "CSI: Miami," "CSI" in Las Vegas, "CSI: New York." And NCIS. The forensic aspect of it fascinates me. And ESPN SportsCenter. I'm on the road so much, TV becomes my company. Most of the time I'm by myself, and the TV becomes that other presence, that other person in the room.

... Listening to?

I've actually become a country fan. It happened right after Thanksgiving, when an easy-listening station in Washington started playing Christmas carols. I thought, it's just too soon. So I switched to a country station. I've now been to two Toby Keith concerts. I met Joe Nichols. [And I'm listening to] Sugarland. I grew up in New Jersey, and my life has always gone at a fast pace. Country music, for me, has become a great way to relax. They're stories: sad stories, happy stories, funny stories. I've become a big fan.

... Reading?

I enjoy James Patterson's books. I try to stay up on the National Football League [so] I read USA Today; I like to look at People magazine to see what's happening [in entertainment], and I read The Wall Street Journal on occasion. I like [thriller novelist] Brad Meltzer, too.

Joe Theismann led the Washington Redskins to a Super Bowl win in 1983. He has been an NFL TV analyst since 1988, and this fall will be seen on 'Monday Night Football' as ESPN begins its first year of coverage.

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