New on DVD: 'RV'


If you're looking for an updated "National Lampoon's Vacation" for middle school-aged kids, and you're not afraid of a predictable plot and potty humor, "RV" is the film for you. It's the story of a suburban family, including a clueless but lovable dad (Robin Williams), on a "family time" road trip in – you guessed it – a recreational vehicle. Even for fans of Williams's over-the-top "Mrs. Doubtfire" fare, "RV" delivers only a handful of laughs. A flat character and even flatter lines hardly allow the comedian to be himself (except for the opening tickle-monster scene). Those who prefer more subtle comedy than exploding sewage lines and rabid raccoons will likewise be disappointed. Extras: Details of the many toilet scenes are included in the appropriately named gag reel. Grade: C

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