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The Killers – When You Were Young: The Las Vegas band's 2004 debut album, "Hot Fuss," ultimately lived up to the promise of its title. Initial slow-burn sales flared up on the strength of radio play for "Mr. Brightside." Three million copies later, the band is set to surprise fans accustomed to its Duran Duran-inspired sound. This first single from The Killers' next release evokes an even more unusual comparison: Bruce Springsteen. "When You Were Young" is power pop with an E Street Band-like guitar refrain meant to resonate in arena rafters. Grade: B+

Ray Lamontagne – Three Days: Never heard of him? That'll soon change. Hailing from backwoods New Hampshire, the youthful LaMontagne is one of the best white soul singers you'll ever hear. This track is standard horns-driven R&B, but it's lifted by LaMontagne's voice of raw honey. Grade: B+

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