Breathtaking panoramas of the Adriatic

Staff writer Teresa Méndez spent six days in Croatia

Where did you go? Hvar, an island off Croatia's Dalmatian Coast.

What did you see? Pine trees and lavender fields. In a little red Citroën convertible, wending our way from the eastern to western tip on a road that bisects the island, we also basked in breathtaking panoramas of the Adriatic.

What did you learn? How to drive a motorboat. After a brief, impromptu lesson in steering, anchoring, and docking, Igor, the boat's owner, sent us off with a confusing nautical map and a cellphone in the event of a mishap.

What did you do? Steered Igor's awning-covered skiff into the cove of a nearby island. After a swim along a rocky stretch of beach and an unfortunate run-in with a sea urchin, we navigated around some swanky yachts and nude sunbathers to get back.

Where did you stay? Hotel Palace. Built on the site of an old palace at the turn of the century, it's the island's oldest hotel and the image found on many of the postcards sold in Hvar Town. As we lounged in our room ($160 a night during peak season) overlooking the marina, jazz floated up through the sultry evening from the terrace below.

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