Grover Norquist

The president of Americans for Tax Reform spoke about tax reform, immigration, and federal spending.

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and a power in conservative politics, was Wednesday's guest. Here are excerpts from his remarks:

On the impact of the 2006 election on antitax forces:

"I just don't see the likelihood that [Democrats] will take the House. The Senate is actually more problematic for the Democrats. Obviously, if the Democrats took both houses, they could pass tax increases. I think that would be a bad idea for them going into the 2008 election."

On the importance of tone in the debate on immigration reform:

"[For] the Republican Party, as it deals with this issue, the tone is the central thing that is important.... Some of these guys, who can be reasonable on what they are voting for, say things that will cost them and cost other people elections. [US Rep.] Tom Tancredo [of Colorado] is going to be costing Republicans elections in other states 20 years from now."

On the aging leadership of the conservative movement:

"The social conservative movement in this country has a challenge coming up. Pat Robertson is about 75. Jerry Falwell is about 75. Phyllis Schlafly is about 75.... There has not been a plan for succession here."

On federal spending as a political issue:

"Go to steal people's guns, they will leave. Raise taxes, you will break the Republican coalition. [By contrast, high spending] is nobody's vote-moving issue. What I am trying to figure out is, how do you turn it into a vote-moving issue and, therefore ... put it on the ballot [as a referendum question]."

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