Real culprit in the Lebanon situation is Israel, not Iran

In his July 28 Opinion piece, "Lebanon: A pawn in Iran's power play," Daniel Schorr has appeased the warmongering Israeli regime by leveling false accusations of Iran meddling in Lebanon's internal affairs.

Mr. Schorr conveniently conflates Iran's moral and political support for the people of Lebanon with an unjustified "power play." He overlooks Iran's role in the region as a bastion of peace and stability, as vividly demonstrated by Iran's good neighborly relations with the new governments in Afghanistan and Iraq, and he misinterprets Iran's role as subversive.

Instead of scapegoating Iran for the new conflict in the Middle East caused by Israel's militarism and total disregard for the rights of Palestinians and its Arab neighbors (some of whose lands it has been occupying for decades), Schorr should focus his criticisms on the Israeli regime's atrocities – condemned by the whole world community except the US government.

Contrary to his assertion, Iran has no need for nuclear weapons and Iran's leaders have repeatedly denounced the proliferation of nuclear weapons as amoral and not in Iran's interests. Schorr might have mentioned that unlike the Israeli regime, which has amassed nuclear weapons and refuses to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has no nuclear weapons program and has permitted more than 2,000 IAEA inspector days over the past few years.
M.A. Mohammadi
Press secretary,
Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the UN
New York

Israel is not the aggressor

Regarding Alan Dershowitz's July 27 Opinion piece, Hizbullah's real intent regarding Israel is to make Israelis appear as the aggressors. Hizbullah achieves this by hiding behind women and children with their rockets, using these women and children to prevent attack on these cowardly men.

When the attack occurs, which it did, these cowardly terrorists cry and moan, hoping to create the impression that they themselves were innocent victims.

As for Iran, let the world not forget that its president is also a terrorist. One should not negotiate with terrorists.
Donna Cretan
Columbia, Calif.

Direct energy toward New Orleans

I write in response to the July 13 article, "Lunar homes: Tiny rooms, but they repel dust and solar storms."

Isn't it obscene to spend even five minutes of the time of skilled architects and engineers "exploring the designs for living and working on the moon" before we consider ways to enable thousands of American citizens to return to their homes in New Orleans?
Dorothea Buck
Davenport, Iowa

Police only part of solution to violence

Your July 20 editorial, "Bring back community policing," commendably urges police cooperation with schools, churches, and other institutions in well-designed programs in crime prevention.

As you stated, this is the way to "get to kids early," lest they fall in with gangs and get "comfortable with guns."

However, the wider problem is the one posed by the easy accessibility of guns and ammunition by individuals lacking the crucial credentials for responsible possession of such weapons.

Kids aren't the only ones who should be kept from getting criminally involved with guns.
David J. Steinberg
Alexandria, Va.

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