This week's look ahead

Monday, July 31:

Kabul, Afghanistan – NATO peacekeeping mission is expected to take over from US troops in southern Afghanistan.

Dhaka, Bangladesh – Indian and Pakistani officials are expected meet on the sidelines of a South Asian conference. India had put off peace talks following this month's Mumbai (Bombay) bomb blasts.

Johannesburg – Former South African deputy president Jacob Zuma faces a high court corruption trial.

Brussels – EU foreign ministers to hold an emergency meeting on the crisis in Lebanon.

Brussels – Microsoft faces an increased fine of up to 3 million euros a day if it continues not to comply with a 2004 antitrust ruling. The EU alleges that the company did not disclose and document Windows Server technology to rival companies. The EU already fined Microsoft 280.5 million euros on July 12 for defying the antitrust ruling.

Wednesday, Aug. 2:

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – UN Secretary General Kofi Annan visits to observe operations of the two-year-old UN peacekeeping mission.

Sunday, Aug. 6:

La Paz, Bolivia – Newly elected delegate assembly begins work on rewriting Bolivia's constitution.

Hiroshima, Japan – The US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima 61 years ago today, killing or wounding about 160,000 people.

Edinburgh, Scotland – Edinburgh Fringe Arts Festival starts (runs to Aug. 28).

– Reuters, The Associated Press

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