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World of wander

What if you could have your own TV show and got paid to play the world's best golf courses? Now's your chance. Fine Living TV is looking for the next Wandering Golfer to follow in the footsteps of host Chad Maulsby (r.). Submit your application at by Sept. 15 and you could be living the fine life.

Life in the swimming lane

There are many different ways to cope with a midlife crisis. Swimming across the English Channel – the 21 miles of frigid waters separating England and France – isn't among the most common one. In On a Clear Day (PG-13 for profanity), a charming movie now on DVD, an unemployed Scotsman finds new purpose in life by taking the plunge. It goes swimmingly.

Get 'Psych'ed

Take "Starsky & Hutch." Add a dash of "Veronica Mars." Throw in a little "Fletch" and you have Psych, USA Network's sharp new buddy-detective show (Fridays at 10 p.m. EDT). James Roday (l.) plays a wannabe investigator who quickly solves gory murders, convincing the cops he's a psychic. Dulé Hill ("The West Wing") is his friend and foil. If you missed the première, watch it at

Actually, a lot of people are watching

Nobody's Watching was a promising sitcom about two young Ohioans who go to Hollywood because they think they can make a better show than what's on TV. The series never saw the light of day. But now the pilot is finding new life on (Plug "Nobody's Watching" into the search bar.) Ironically, because of the show's popularity, it may be revived by NBC – which originally passed on it.

Ice with heat

The last time we came across heat in combination with ice, there was road salt involved. Now there's Tio Pepe's Hot Ice, in tamarind and apricot & chili. Each delivers a sweet, slushy popsicle effect – and a mild afterburn that's curiously appealing. At Wal-Mart Supercenters.

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