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Until 9:05 a.m., June 30 had been more or less routine at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Mich. From that point on, the remainder of the day and well into the next were anything but. That was the moment when Chastity Keeler delivered a 6 pound, 8 ounce son. So what, you ask? Well, a minute or so later, she delivered another, who weighed 5 pounds, 11 ounces. Then, over the next 32 hours (and in alphabetical order) came twin sons to Brandi Brace, twin sons to Susanna Burke, another pair of boys to Brenda Epkey, still another to Rebecca Newman, and – finally – twin daughters to Stacy Wheelock. Phew. Keeler, after learning what she'd started, told a reporter for the Lansing State Journal, "that's kind of cool." The spokeswoman for the hospital, Nan Simons, chose different words. "It's fun," she said. "Six sets of twins: That's a lot of babies." In fact, as far as anyone knows, it's a record for the facility. At least, a check of the nursing staff, whose collective memory goes back a long way, found no one who could recall anything comparable. Lansing, the state capital, also has three other hospitals. No word on whether twins were born in any of them at the same time.

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