And hurry it up; I need to leave

"Jobsworth," according to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, is a descriptive term most often applied to a low-level public servant who "knows that there is flexibility and chooses not to use it." That would seem to fit the bus driver with whom Jack Holland tangled the other day in Halifax, England, as he was returning home after some shopping. One look at Jack and there's no mistaking the fact that he qualifies for what the British call an OAP pass – OAP meaning old-age pensioner. The pass entitles the bearer to a deep discount. Alas, Jack had lost or misplaced his, as he attempted to explain. "You'll have to pay full fare," replied the operator. Well, perhaps he could just give his name and the number on the pass? No, the driver said: "I haven't got the time; I want £1.90 [US$3.50]." Passengers already aboard the bus tried to intercede, but the driver would not be swayed, and unless Jack wanted to walk home, he had to come up with the money. He will, however, receive a full refund . A spokesman for the transit company apologized for the incident, adding: "We would have expected our driver to use common sense." If you're wondering, Jack will be 99 on his next birthday.

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