Aw, nobody takes us seriously

The school colors of the University of Cincinnati are black, red, and white, which, on its powerful men's basketball teams, look intimidating. Apparently, that is not the case with the vehicle used by the campus police, however – even though at least one of them is a strapping 6-feet, 4-inches tall . It has been laughed at by passersby. Cops on the city's force have been known to smirk when they see it. Capt. Karen Patterson of the UC Police admits that "the guys aren't 100 percent happy with the car" and that "you have to be kind of comfortable with yourself" just to climb behind the steering wheel . So what is it, a MINI Cooper or something? Close. It's a white Volkswagen Beetle with red and black stripes and decals of a ladybug cartoon on the doors and hood. She – or, rather, it – wears a tie and badge and invites students to "BUG ME FOR INFORMATION." The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the UC Police acquired the car six years ago to make themselves more visible and to project an image of friendliness . Or, as Vice President for Student Affairs and Services Michael Livingston puts it, "Police need soft edges as well." As for that 6-foot, 4-inch campus cop, he chooses to take a philosophical view of the situation. "Hey," he told the Enquirer, "it beats walking."

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