I'm famous now, aren't I?

Hardly had his experience made headlines than the man who turned up by mistake on a BBC news program was in front of the network's cameras again - as a celebrity in his own right . You may recall from an item in this space Wednesday that a "taxi driver" from French-speaking Congo bluffed his way through a May 8 interview on an important court ruling that he may well have known nothing about, while the guest analyst on the issue waited in vain to be escorted onto the set. We now know much more about the blunder. It turns out that the analyst and the man who inadvertently took his place share the same first name : Guy. But Guy Goma, the latter, isn't a cabbie; he's an economist. He happened to be there for an interview, too - for a job as a staff accountant. With word of the incident spreading like wildfire across the Internet, the BBC coaxed Goma back into the studio to watch and react to a replay. "I think now it is all right," he decided. He declined, however, to speak with computer expert Guy Kewney, who'd agreed to appear also, this time by telephone . "I just want to say to him, sorry," Goma said. No word yet on whether he'll get that accounting job. Meanwhile, London's Sun tabloid has made him the centerpiece of a feature story, soliciting his views on other matters outside his purview, such as Prince Harry's bowler hat.

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