Elizabeth Dole

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R) of North Carolina, who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee, was Friday's guest. Here are excerpts from her remarks:

On the outlook for the 2006 Senate races:

"I am truly excited about the recruits that we have for the races.... No question about it, the wind has been in our faces. The wind has been in our faces for over a year."

On her strategy for winning in 2006:

"The key to winning these elections is issues that are important in that particular state and the comparison ... between [the] two candidates."

On whether revelations about widespread phone- record collection by the National Security Agency will affect the 2006 elections:

"What I want to do is learn a bit more about it, because I am not one who has been briefed on this.... I do not think that would impact in a negative way on us in the '06 races."

On whether potential senatorial candidates cited the national political scene in declining to run:

"That has not been said to me.... Yes, you can see in the polling, you can see even in the fundraising that the wind is in our faces.... We are 29 percent ahead of where they were in the last cycle in our fundraising, despite the fact that the wind is in our faces."

On the best way the GOP can reenergize its base:

"One of the things that could be most important is securing our borders. And it is not just the base, it is Americans generally.... We need to do a whole lot more and do it quickly."

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