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Munich (R)

Despite its Oscar nomination, "Munich" seemed to get lost under last year's avalanche of high-profile issue movies - "Syriana," "Brokeback Mountain," and "Good Night, and Good Luck." Too bad, because the Steven Spielberg film, about a secret Israeli hit squad charged with assassinating the alleged perpetrators of the 1972 Olympics massacre, is ripe for our times. Avner (Eric Bana), the group's leader, faces a moral crisis as the bodies pile up, wondering if any good has been done by killing terrorists if they're just replaced by others. "You cut your fingernails, but they keep growing," responds his handler, played by Geoffrey Rush. "Why cut them then?" Extras: Spielberg confronts criticism that his movie was too sympathetic toward the Palestinians. The two-disc collector's set looks back at how the 1972 events changed the world. Grade: A

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