Hey, Mom, you're worth every dollar - all 134,121 of them

If America's 5.6 million stay-at-home mothers with school-age children were paid a salary for all the services they render - and the hours they're on the job - they might earn $134,121 annually, according to a study. The website's compensation experts made the calculation by delineating the various job roles a mother must assume, how much time she spends in each, and what doing similar work outside the home would be worth. The jobs, the average number of hours (in parentheses) devoted to each in a 91.6-hour workweek, and the market- rate compensation, from the calculations:

Housekeeper (22.1) $10,980
Day care center teacher (15.7) $10,817
Cook (13.6) $10,862
Computer operator (9.1) $7,151
Janitor (6.3) $3,713
Facilities manager (5.8) $11,508
Chief executive officer (4.2) $35,971
Van driver (4.2) $3,334
Psychologist (3.9) $7,176

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