Look out; here I come!

Think of all the chase scenes you've watched on the silver screen and what the heroes have used in pursuit of bad guys. Police cars? Of course, but there also have been horses, commandeered taxis, fire engines, garbage trucks, hearses, railroad handcars , and now, coming soon to a theater near you ... a front-end loader. Yes, in what may be the ultimate in product placement, the Italian industrial conglomerate Fiat has supplied one of its 201-horsepower W190-model earth movers for James Bond to light out after a villain in "Casino Royale." (This is a remake of the 1967 feature of the same title, and the first to star a blond actor in the role of the debonaire British superspy.) The W190, built by Fiat's New Holland division, appears in the opening scene along with - in lesser roles - crawler excavators, backhoes, and skid steer loaders at a simulated construction site. In a news release , Fiat compares itself to Agent 007. Both, it says, are "loyal, dependable, trustworthy, solid ... have passion for their jobs" and are problem-solvers. Oh, and one other thing: While Bond pictures often feature spectacular crashes and explosions, no equipment was harmed in the making of this film.

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