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What's Up with Jill?: Readers have asked us: Whatever happened to Jill Carroll after her US homecoming?

Jill is currently recovering from her ordeal and writing about her 82 days in captivity in Iraq.

While there have been dozens of Western hostages taken in Iraq, including other journalists, Jill is one of the few Arabic-speaking correspondents who have spent this much time observing how insurgents operate - often without them knowing what she was hearing or seeing. Her captivity was a terrifying experience, but she also got a rare look inside one of the most hard-line Islamic insurgent groups in Iraq. Stay tuned for the upcoming series.

Nearly 1,000 readers have generously contributed to the Allan Enwiya Fund. Allan, Jill's interpreter in Iraq for two years, was killed in her abduction. He is survived by his wife and two small children. Members of his family, at risk in Iraq as Christians, have been moved by the Monitor out of the country. They are applying for US government permission to join their extended family in the US. The fund, including a contribution from the Monitor, will help Allan's family start a new life.

The fund address:
The Allan Enwiya Fund
C/O The Christian Science Monitor
One Norway Street
Boston, MA 02115

David Clark Scott
World editor

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