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Don't Just Point and Shoot: Staff photographer Andy Nelson spent more than nine years in Oregon, so he was familiar with the issues that arise between the US timber industry and the environmental movement, particularly when it comes to old-growth forests. When he learned that there was a similar clash in Tasmania, he decided to check it out.

"With a little research, I found out about this blockade by the environmentalists. But I learned that because the blockade was illegal, some folks weren't excited about having their pictures taken," says Andy. "On the other hand, the point of the blockade was to make a public statement and get some attention."

To work around the issue, Andy arrived early and spent some time talking with the blockaders. "I explained to them that I was there to show their situation to people outside Australia. I find it's better to spend time with people before shooting. It always makes for better pictures."

In the end, few objected to his taking pictures. "It's Australia!" Andy says. "Australians live life full on - they're passionate. But they have a pretty reasonable respect for each other."

Keep Boys at Home Longer? A survey of 50 primary schools in Scotland produced a recommendation that no child should start grade school before the age of 5, and boys generally shouldn't start before the age of 6.

The BBC reported that research was prompted by the Glasgow City Council. Preschool is only 2.5 hours per day, but primary school lasts five hours. Some parents send their children to school before they're ready, for economic reasons, suggests the report.

David Clark Scott
World editor

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