And make it with pepperoni

Visit the website of Infraero, the government-owned company that administers the 66 largest airports in Brazil, and you'll come to a section on social responsibility that boasts "everybody comes out a winner" in its relations with employees and residents of nearby areas. Tell that to an unhappy former staff member who alleged in a formal complaint that an Infraero manager had subjected him to public humiliation ... and to the judge who presided over the case. Formal complaint? Yes, for having been seen retrieving some uneaten pizza from a wastebasket at work. Thereafter, the plaintiff claimed, he went around being called "Bin Cleaner," which hurt his feelings, until he left the company. Well, the matter now has been resolved. In São Paulo, Judge Eduardo Vieira de Oliveira found in favor of the plaintiff (who preferred not to be identified), ruling that he deserved compensation for anguish. The penalty? A cash payment of $17,500 - and, for good measure, one slice of pizza. Said His Honor: "The slice of pizza was to make the boss think [twice] the next time he wants to make fun of someone in the workplace."

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