Hot ticket? Yes, if it's to a game in one of these ballparks The New York Yankees did not enter the 2006 Major League Baseball season as defending World Series champions - that distinction belongs to the Chicago White Sox - but the pinstripers are the sport's reigning box office kings. Last year they were the only team to top 4 million fans in home attendance. And, with another contending team, they may well again lead the majors. The franchises that drew the largest crowds last year, with total home attendance in each case:
New York Yankees 4,090,440
Los Angeles Dodgers 3,603,680
St. Louis Cardinals 3,491,837
Los Angeles Angels 3,404,686
San Francisco Giants 3,140,781
Chicago Cubs 3,100,262 San Diego Padres 2,832,039
Boston Red Sox 2,813,354
New York Mets 2,782,212
Houston Astros 2,762,472

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