A Week's Worth

The Dow Jones Industrial Average essentially marked time last week, closing Friday at 0.1 percent higher than the week before - an outcome that some analysts attributed to investor concern that the Fed will keep hiking interest rates as long as commodity prices continue rising.

As you rush to file your tax return on time, are you sure you're not at risk of being audited? The Internal Revenue Service doesn't disclose what triggers an audit, but the financial advisory firm BKD LLP of Springfield, Mo., cites three biggies to avoid: math errors, underreporting income, and claiming business deductions you're not entitled to.

Here's a little more well-meant advice on filing: Opening an individual retirement account for 2005 - yes, 2005 - is possible right up to the deadline for your return, and doing so will help lower your bill, the online preparation service CCH CompleteTax reminds. Anyone can sock up to $4,000 in an IRA ($4,500 if you're 50 or older).

It's not that women don't see the value of investing, but fewer of them think of it as enjoyable than do men. Or so say the results of a survey by the online brokerage ShareBuilder. Sixty-one percent of female respondents (vs. 74 percent of males) called investing "fun." Only 35 percent of women said they trust themselves to make good decisions with their money.

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