Thanks to US government for efforts on Jill's behalf

Over the past few days the Monitor has mentioned its gratitude to the many parties that assisted in the effort to locate Jill Carroll and help return her to her family. She is with them now, and those who have seen pictures of her in her family's embrace have probably wiped away a stray tear.

During Jill's captivity we remained silent regarding the efforts of many within the US government to secure Jill's release. As some have assumed the government was lax in its efforts, I'm delighted today to acknowledge how extensive the government's effort was. To note this while Jill was being held could have disrupted those efforts or endangered her life. US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad in Iraq and all the services of the United States that come under the embassy's umbrella worked on Jill's case with a passion.

The US military did the same, and its care of Jill after her release was compassionate. The FBI has a special responsibility toward US citizens who are in danger abroad, and Director Robert Mueller employed his resources fully as well. To everyone who assisted, we extend our special thanks.

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